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Big spenders "whales" receive fabulous perks from casinos

whales are those who spend big at the land based casinosWith most casinos, these customers "Whales" are extremely high profile and often get special treatment when they visit the casino itself. You might never see this lavish life-style personally since most casual casino guest aren’t spending top dollar wagers on table games or slot machines. When you do, it doesn’t take long for the casino to take notice long before you need to tell anyone you mean business.  The big brick and mortar casinos are in the business to make big money, and nothing keeps players returning more and more than to give some kind of bonus for every customer that does return. These aren’t major swag items and can be as simple as meal comps, discounts, or free drinks. When it comes to the customers who wager more than average amount, it won’t be long that rewards are quick to be given. 

How casino perks are working for the big-time gamblers?

Casino perks seemingly have no limits and are the kinds of rewards that grow just as quickly as the customer is actively gambling at that particular casino. This is where a bit of a ‘buyers market’ takes hold since competing casinos are very keen to attract hi-rollers over to their business. Since the casino wants to hold onto faithful customers by rewarding them with loyalty, but it’s just not enough for the whale clients who expect more than a ‘pat on the back’ for coming back to bet more money.

A hi-roller will no doubt be pampered and spoiled like nothing else, just as the rich and elite customers need much more attention for continued business relations. In the land-based casino this works like nothing else you’ve ever imagined, only that those richly-laced stories and amazing sounding rumors of mega-perks are no secret that are widely heard all the way down the grapevine. They (casino owners) want you to know these secrets and special services that are available, unlike the untold perks that are given to select foreign government officials when they visit other countries…

A casino will often assign a special “Casino Host” which is more like a personal assistant for the high rolling whales. These ‘hosts’ have a single task to manage the relationship between the casino and their clients wishes. A mixture of being an adviser and planner is the key to keeping their clients as content as possible while the casino can reap the revenue of millions of dollars that are spent in their casino itself!

What super-perks do casino luxuries provide?piles of cash are gambled at the casinos and lost

Whether you know it or not, most casinos are a fully functional entertainment package. The casino games are merely one facet to the brilliant shine that emits from these multifaceted gaming empires. There are often hotel rooms and hotel facilities which support the needs for many levels of customers who might be staying at the casino. One select part of the hotel is always the luxury suites and rooms, and sometimes these also include private villas and penthouse suites.

The one major perk that is given to potential customers who spend a decent amount of money in the casino is the offer of a free room comp. You won’t see high roller whales being placed in the budget suite, so the elite gamers are given full luxury treatment with incredibly spacious rooms spanning thousands of square feet. They are large enough for entire families of a whale client who might like to invite close friends, relatives and guests along with them to the casino also. Often these facilities offer all the same treatment you would expect given to rich people who live in millionaire style mansions. They will include a personal butler and private chef, full entertainment rooms or private pools and spas, massage services, and what VIP client will ever go without a fully stocked bar with every top shelf product on top of that- offered to them for free!

The casino host is not far off at this point, to help with every need that client wishes. This can include concert and shows, private clubs and bars, and anything the client is partial to enjoy most. Since most ‘whales’ are already rich and have unlimited amounts of money to spend towards gambling, these extras are provided free of charge to further entertain their guest. Some casinos will take further steps beyond the average to keep these big spenders happy as possible. Gifts are an important part of this and can include luxury cars, jewelery, and a very attractive luxurious gifts and perks for spending and losing a lot of moneycomp plan which outlines what is given back to the customer when they win or lose.

Often the incentives to bet with larger amounts yield a lower house edge payout on select table games like blackjack or baccarat. The chances for winning big are still pretty slim but not impossible when up to 100k are bet per hand. The competition between rival casinos is fierce over these whale customers who love getting these extra perks and will jump at the first casino that offers more incentives at another venue. It seems that loyalty at this ‘whale of a scale’ is merely bought-off with the best comp package that is offered to hi-roller heavy weights anywhere they happen to roll!

Who are the top 5 most famous casino whales?

Zhenli Ye Gon is a big business owner from Mexico who’s a huge Las Vegas gambler. Nobody knows how much he’s won but it’s widely known to have lost 100 million at various Las Vegas strip casinos. Mexican police raided his house in a drug cartel related move and discovered $207 million USD in cash in one of the rooms they entered!

Phil Ivey is considered an expert poker player and also has been known to play craps too. Per hand he’s been known to wager anywhere from 100K or more playing craps, and also as much as 200K when playing baccarat.

Mo Chan is a very secretive Chinese hi-roller who is considered infamous in Australian casinos when he won 10 million at baccarat using 300-500K per hand. When the casino decided to cut his wagering limit simply because they wanted to win back some of that money, Chan left the casino in a rage with his winnings- vowing never to whales and the benefits they receive

Kamel Nacif is another successful businessman from Mexico who is a huge fan of baccarat and is known to wager up to 200,000 dollars per hand. From his numerous visits to Las Vegas, casino employees have remarked on the nasty temper when Kamel is on a losing streak.

Larry Flynt is a famous ‘whale’ celebrity who is also the founder of Hustler magazine. He’s a regular to visiting Las Vegas for many decades. His favorite game is Blackjack and has been known to spend as much as 50,000 bucks per hand. He’s one of those whales that used to be faithful to the Las Vegas Hilton, then was lured to the Hard Rock casino and others due to better comp deal offers.