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Indulge in your James Bond persona at Casino de Monte Carlo

the casino de monte carlo in monaco The most mesmerizing and entertaining tourism destination in all of France is not Disneyland Paris… One place that’s incredible to no ends is tucked away in the sovereign city-state, known better as the Principality of Monaco, on the French Riviera. While tourists flock to the usual spots in France to experience its rich cultural heritage, romantic castles and chateaus, and the scenic countryside, Monaco offers a respite from the cacophony of the typical tourist traps. So sit back, relax and enjoy the regal hospitality of Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco- the host city of Formula One Grand Prix!

Why the Casino de Monte Carlo should be on everyone’s bucket list?

The grand Belle Epoque style building has recently been renovated to combine the old world charm and state-of-the-art gaming facilities. The architectural marvel has been made immortal through the various James Bond movies (Never Say Never Again, Golden Eye) that show the suave spy entering the towering structure in his trademark nonchalant style. ln fact, lan Flemming, the creator of the James Bond series, had often mentioned that the Casino de Monte Carlo was the inspiration for his book: ‘Casino Royale’. Several other mainstream Hollywood movies have also shot here. The interiors of Casino likewise has only been seen through films, news, and other official coverage, as private photography is 100% prohibited inside the premises. Hence, when you explore the Casino de Monte Carlo, the experience will be etched deep in your memory instead of the superfluous shutterbug photos that often fill-up more space on Facebook than anything else.

the facade of the monte carlo casinoSummer views of the French Riviera from the Salle Blanche & Terrase, were originally designed by the Henri Schmidt. As you enjoy Roulette, Punto Banco, Black Jack, Texas Hold ‘em Poker and Trent et Quarante -while sipping a drink from a selection of fine wines offered at their in-house bar make the Casino de Monte Carlo an absolute must to visit. If you are not a gamer, well take your time to enjoy the intricate architecture of this pre-World War building, or the luxurious accommodations available within the property, and perhaps even the Formula One cars zooming past you during the racing season!

What are its prime gaming attractions?

The Casino de Monte Carlo is a part of the Société des Bains de Mer, founded by Francois Blanc.

Since the club believes in inclusive attention to gaming while maintaining the high standards of service for serious connoisseurs, the admission timing and the arrangement of gaming rooms is planned with utmost care. There are gaming rooms that are categorized by the types of games available at these tables respectively. There are verandah and terrace extensions to some of these rooms to provide the guests a lavish gaming experience in the fine seaside breeze. The regular tourists are allowed to visit the Salle Renaissance, the Salle Europe, the Salle des Amériques, the Salle Blanche, the Salon Touzet and the Salle Médecin as a part of group tours. As you enter the building through the entrance reserved for tourists, the first room is the Salle Renaissance, which holds the first 50 slot machines.

interior of the casino de monte carlo in monacoIt leads to Salle Europe, the majestic heart of Casino de Monte Carlo — where games go on night and day, and guests are kept in high spirits through the finest drinks and refreshments from Le Train Bleu (a gourmet restaurant) and Le Salon Rose (a Mediterranean restaurant). Turn again, to the slot machines with vengeance at the Salle des Amériques! If you want to indulge in real casino games, you should head to the adjoining Salle Blanche and its gaming terrace, which offers a selection of table games like roulette, Punto Banco, black jack and others as mentioned earlier. For connoisseurs and club members, ‘the inner circle' of the Société des Bains de Mer, the Casino de Monte Carlo has two private rooms Salle Touzet Nord & Sud, tastefully built by architect Joules Touzet, and inaugurated in 1890.

The Salons Super Privés is the ‘Casino Royale' style private gaming room, that holds the most esteemed private gaming parties that are known. Table gaming is also available at the Salle Médecin. which is open to public tours at designated timings. European Roulette, English Roulette, Trente Quarante and Black Jack are the primary games in this 1910 room built by its namesake- Francois Médecin. Apart from this, the Société des Bains de Mer also maintains and operates the Casino Cafe de Paris, Sun Casino and Monte-Carlo Bay Casino under the Monte-Carlo establishment.

What does it take to visit the casino?

Tourists who wish to visit the Casino de Monte Carlo as day excursion can do so in the seasons barring the Formula One Grand Prix, between 9 am to 12 pm. The gaming rooms are open to aspiring gamers at the nominal rate of 10 euros, after showing a valid passport. Please ensure that you are wearing decent formal attire. Shorts, flip flops and other casual dresses are not allowed at the Casino. The rooms are open for serious gamers at 2 pm till the last table closes. The gaming admission rates are 10

Euros for Salle Renaissance, the Salle Europe, the Salle des Amériques, the Salle Blanche, the Salon Touzet and the Salle Médecin. At an additional 10 euros, you can access the Salons Super Privés, the Salle Médecin (which has a winter veranda), and the Salle Blanche (which has a summer terrace).

Alternatively, you can plan a leisurely stay at one of the properties owned by the Monte-Carlo establishment- Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, Hotel Hermitage Monte—Carlo or Hotel de Paris Monte—Carlo.

For more information, please contact the Casino de Monte—Carlo at:

Address: Place du Casino, 98000 Monaco


Phone: (+377) 98 06 20 00