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enjoy the vip lifestyle with online and land based slotsWhen we think of land-based casinos, we rarely think about a run down slot casino with some shady looking characters pulling on the one-armed bandit and spending their child's food money. Instead, we picture the VIP lifestyle of an over the top casino setting with lights, colors, champagne and high rollers all entangled in a sea of action and excitement. We think of the craps scene from the James Bond 007 movie Diamonds are Forever or the ending of Ocean's 13 where all the players are beating the house and making off like bandits while dressed to impress. But what is the true casino and what is the make believe? I guess you could say its a little bit of both.

Unless you’re considered a "Whale" then most of the high life of casinos is off limits. Sure you will get a meal comped or maybe a few nights at the casino/hotel, but the real goodies go to the high rollers and big spenders who are adding a few zeros to what we would consider a large wager. While the casinos make a lot of their money on those who are set up at the slot machines, pouring in money, they also make it through those big spenders who the keep coming back and eventually lose to the “house”. If you have ever seen the movie “Casino”, you will recall the Japanese gamblers who cleaned out the house but eventually were “forced” to come back and lost it all. With Robert DeNiro's narration, it hits the nail on the head!

Do online casinos offer perks as well?

Yes they do!  Fortunately its not all land-based and many perks are available to those online slot players. Just for signing up to a casino the player is offered a variety of bonuses, especially the matching deposit bonus which quickly increases your available balance. Also as you continue to play at the same online casino, you will continually be offered special deals and ways to increase our winnings. Where else can you play a slot for free without signing up and play until your heart's content. Many of the slot games offer high limit wagers, so there is no need to go to these land-based casinos if you want to spend lots of cash.

The online jackpots are also in the same league as those at the land based casinos. The Mega Moolah Jackpot by Microgaming is considered one of the best online and can earn a player millions of dollars when the jackpot is finally hit. Who would have thought that the VIP Lifestyle could be had while sitting on your computer at home, pressing a few buttons.

Is there a secret to enjoying the VIP Lifestyle?no need to wait in line to enjoy the vip lifestyle

There is no secret to the VIP Lifestyle in the gambling world. If you spend a lot of money, you will receive a lot of perks and bonuses. The more you spend, the more you shall receive, but in a way, you are paying for your own perks through your large loses. Its something we don't like to think about, but the VIP Lifestyle is definitely not for free. If you're a simple person and have no desire for that over the top garish lifestyle, you have the opportunity to bet online at the high limit slots and high payout jackpots without leaving your home. It looks great in films and TV but real life rarely compares.