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Jackpot Progressive slots for real money no download

enjoy high winning progressive jackpot slots Many people know that progressive slot machines often have major jackpot levels that can reach incredible winning potential. Some of these progressive slots are part of a larger collective group of slot machines which are linked, which further help jackpot levels to grow higher and faster. Multi-linked progressive slot machines however are a selective group that combine across a nationwide area allowing hundreds or perhaps thousands of machines to gather jackpot payout levels.

These are the legendary slots that are often called by some ardent gamers: “life-changers”, due to the instant wealth that can be won in seconds. These jackpots are so massive that they often need to be payed-out over a period of time by the casinos due to the amounts involved.

How does it work for online multi-linked progressive slots?

As opposed to the old-fashioned land based casinos (like: Las Vegas/Atlantic City), the last decade has seen the online casino grow into an industry that has surpassed all expectations! Many of the online progressive video slots, you will see that trusted slot machine developers such Microgaming or Playtech offer the highest pay-out that is secured. As a rule of thumb, their progressive slots that are linked together- form a global connection through the participating online casino partners. As players around the world don’t actually interact with these specific progressive slot games, the percentage of money wagered into each machine is tallied into a massive jackpot that is displayed for all to see. It doesn’t stop growing until someone wins!

Legendary multi-linked progressive slots

There are some progressive titles that are well known to serious online gamers who can’t get enough of the potential of winning millions. Such progressive slots including Mega Moolah Red, White and Win, Mega Money Mine, Pay Dirt, Win, and Place or Show are among the list of the most popular progressives that always get attention no matter what the reason may be.

One of the highest jackpots that was recently awarded came from Mega Moohla on June 17, 2016 with a whopping $6.35 million, but of course it’s not the highest amount that was ever won from this top-rated slot. Last year in October 2015, one man from the UK won nearly 18 million Euro (roughly $20 million USD) which set a new world record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the title of highest jackpot paid from an online slot machine!

What would you do with millions that are won?

It’s no joke that when you win massive amounts of jackpot winnings, it does have an immediate effect on you. How to deal with winning such a large amount requires more thought to it than sounds. For some it can be the$1 million jackpots with real money jackpot wins beginning of a wonderful early retirement that provides the best things life can offer. For others- it causes more stress than one can bear.

The amount of unwanted press, pesky relatives asking for money, and unplanned sloppy usage for those winnings can cause bigger problems. The responsibility of being an instant winner can be a blessing or a curse, how will you deal with that if you become the next millionaire?