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What are the biggest jackpot payouts in land-based casinos?

big jackpot wins for real money slot games online Odds are that if you’re into playing slot machines, you’d like to know all about high-payout slot jackpots – perhaps just for the dreaming purposes or maybe to find the slots that could pay you big…

Though online slot progressive jackpots have been steadily growing to the extent that the 2010s have seen the internet’s first eight-figure jackpots, the all-time biggest high-payout slot jackpots have mostly been in land-based casinos – specifically, where else but Las Vegas, Nevada?

To date, the top five high-payout slot jackpots have all been taken on the networked progressive jackpot Megabucks.

• A $39.7 million-plus hit on $100 worth of wagers in the Megabucks slots game at the Excalibur was won by a Los Angeles man in March 2003. The win not only beat odds of 16.7 million to one, but set a world record that stands to this day.

• The Megabucks slot – though this time at the now-defunct Desert Inn – was responsible for the previous mark when a 37-year-old cocktail waitress took some $34.9 million from the machine in January 2000.

• The single largest slot jackpot payout of the 20th century? That would be the 67-year-old who took Megabucks at the Palace Station for $27.5 million in November 1998.

• In March 2002, 74-year-old retiree cashed out for over $22.6 million, at that time the third-largest slot jackpot ever paid.

• Finally, in June 1999, an Illinois man visiting Las Vegas hit over $21.3 million on the ever-generous Megabucks … on his first spin at the machine! Now that’s great return on investment.

What are the biggest slot jackpot payouts outside of Vegas?

A couple stories of high-paying slot jackpot winners actually take place outside of Las Vegas. In what is believed to be the largest slot machine win in the U.S. outside of Las Vegas was bagged in December 2012: Two months beforehit the progressive jackpot and win some big money Christmas, a Las Vegas resident (!) cashed in a free voucher at the M Resort in Henderson, only to turn that free play into a $17.3 million-plus payout. By our calculations, that’s a profit of … infinity percent?

Meanwhile, back in August 2006, an 84-year-old retiree invested $35 in a nickel slot machine with progressive jackpot in Atlantic City before winning a cool $10 million. This stands as the largest slot jackpot payout in America’s second city of gambling.

Oddly enough, on two occasions in 2011, slot machines outside of Las Vegas appeared to have demolished world records for highest jackpot payout – but neither casino ultimately paid up.

In August 2011, a then 86-year-old grandmother of 13 saw that she’d hit a nearly $41.8 million jackpot on the penny slots game Miss Kitty in an Iowa casino. “I had my doubts from the start, because that’s a lot of money for a penny machine,” she said nearly four years later after a court ruled against her in a lawsuit brought against the casino.” Her total winnings instead: $1.85.

Later, in December of that year, a 26-year-old Swiss man saw that he’d won an unbelievable $54.3 million on a single spin. Though apparently a game malfunction, the man attempted to sue the Austria-based casino who refused to pay him. Despite swearing he’d “fight until I die,” the man settled a year afterward for about $1.8 million.

What are the biggest slot jackpot payouts online?

Just as Megabucks dominates stories of the biggest slot jackpot payouts in Las Vegas, the undisputed dream-weaver among casino games online is unquestionably Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, a.k.a. “The Millionaire Maker.”

The current record on the Mega Moolah slot – and the current official Guinness World Record – is held by a 26-year-old British man, who took some $20 million in October 2015. Subsequent hits of the Mega Moolah jackpot paying out $7.825 million and $10-plus million in 2016 pushed the total amount won by Mega Moolah players to nearly $600 million in the slot’s first 10 years of existence.

How can you win a high payout slots jackpot?

Of course, slots (whether online or off-) are all about luck and, just as it is impossible to concoct a winning strategy to play slots, so it is with choosing a jackpot slot. After you’ve read this, you’ll definitely favor Mega Moolah for online play and Megabucks for playing in Las Vegas – great choices both, though note that the latter only pays out the truly big bucks about once a year, while Mega Moolah acts as “Millionaire Maker” anywhere between one and six times in a given calendar year.

spin 3 lucky sevens and win the progressive jackpot slotIn general, we’d advise the player to concentrate more on the $1 three-reel, classic-style slots. These typically are a lot more high-variance, i.e. lots of low pays, than a multi-payline video slot. (Some exceptions naturally exist: Thunderstruck is a 15-line video slot that has been on many a Microgaming-powered casino’s “top 10 most popular list” since its release in the early 2000s thanks to its proclivity for paying a lot of five-figure and six-figure wins.) These games tend to be less taxing on the playing budget and way more reminiscent of proper progressive jackpot slots like you’d find in ‘Vegas.