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Twelve Pay Deluxe slot app for tablets and smartphone play

play twelve pay deluxe slot app on all mobile devicesTwelve Play Deluxe Slots app features an old-fashioned, classic is a classic slot machine with three reels and a single payline – not to mention up to 144x in bonus multipliers on a spin! Downloadable to Android devices via Google Play, the App Store and other sources.  That “Deluxe” in “Twelve Pay Deluxe Slots” is no misnomer: This slots app lives up to its name both in size of payouts and presentation. With its extensive trappings recreating the feel of old-fashioned Vegas slots, the Twelve Pay Deluxe slot machine is old-school environment with new-school technological upgrade.

Is Twelve Pay Deluxe slot app more of a classic slot?

Directly harkening back to the classics, Twelve Pay Deluxe Slots’ symbol set includes three differently-colored 7s (red and blue, with the third green rather than the semi-traditional white) and BAR symbols aplenty. The sound effects are exactly what you’d expect, remastered in nice high quality.

And whoa, does Twelve Pay Deluxe get excited on wins. The display calls out AWESOME in BIG letters while coins rain forth to jolly up your device’s screen.

So how big are the jackpots in Twelve Pay Deluxe Slots?

The “Twelve” included in this slots app’s title refers to the 12x multiplier symbol. In also acting as a wild, the first 12x symbol landing on the payline is worth 12x the normal-sized win; hitting two on a single payline is worth a truly wondrous 144x bonus multipler. (We suppose they could have called this app “One Hundred Forty-Four Pay Deluxe”, but that’s probably slightly less marketable.)

As for those miraculous occasions on which the player hits three 12x symbols on the payline in a single spin … would you believe a 50,000-credit payout? That’ll beef up the playing budget.

Are there more bonus features in Twelve Pay Deluxe slot app?

Seriously, when was the last time you saw a “pick ‘em” video bonus round in a classic slot? Happily, Twelve Pay Deluxe Slots includes such a feature, which is randomly triggered and thus quite attractive indeed.  Pick from among 32 playing cards to reveal a prize worth anything up to 10,000 credits – and if/when successful, you just get to draw again and again until a bust card is chosen.

As commented on by players, one of the bigger downsides to the Twelve Pay Deluxe slots app is its low-varianceslot play from twelve pay slot deluxe online  nature, i.e. this slot machine is tight with the payouts but tends to award bigger prizes. This “Match Mini-Game” helps makes up for a lack of coinage-awarding spins a bit. Also helpful are the free gifts of coins, points, free spins, other perks or some combination thereof given free per three hours of gameplay.

Low-variance Twelve Pay Deluxe Slots may be, but this should not concern slot machine players extremely much. The classic slot machine feel is outstanding even among a squall of apps promising you-are-there atmosphere. We’re saying thumbs up on Twelve Pay Deluxe slots. Give it a try at the App Store or Google Play!