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One Hundred Deluxe slot app for your favorite mobile device

play one hundred deluxe slot app game on your mobile deviceThe One Hundred Deluxe slots app is a 3-reel, single-payline slot machine game which includes a 100x bonus multiplier symbol and wilds. It’s downloadable for free at Google Play and the App Store.  And is One Hundred Deluxe slot as "generous" as the titile implies? Pretty much, yeah. Best described as a classic slot machine with hee-yooge payouts, a pair of nice features make some glorious wins possible.

As implied, “100” factors heavily into the One Hundred Deluxe slot game: In scanning the paytable, players can’t help but notice that 100x bonus multiplier symbol. Since this 100x symbol only appears on the third reel, payouts of 3,000,000 coins, i.e. 100 x 100 x 100 multiplied by an initial max bet of 3 credits, don’t actually occur; however, One Hundred Deluxe more than makes up for this slight.

How is One Hndred Deluxe slot app compared to other apps?

One Hundred Deluxe is rare among 3-reel slot machines in that WILD symbols are also included in the game. Two wilds plus the 100x bonus multiplier equals a healthy 75,000 credits; it may not be a cool 3 million, but that jackpot will certainly keep you playing One Hundred Deluxe slots for a while longer.  A spin landing three wilds by themselves wins the player 1,500 credits.

What are the symbols in the One Hundred Deluxe slot game?

Like a good old-fashioned classic slot, the One Hundred Deluxe slots app includes red and blue lucky 7s, plus single through triple BAR symbols. One Hundred Deluxe also includes the increasingly trendy bonus diamonds feature.

Some of the BAR symbols, be they single, double or triple, are superimposed with a diamond symbol. Each diamond is either pointing upward or downward. When these miss the payline, they will nudge downward or upward onto the payline to (hopefully) produce the player some wins.

Of note here is the excitement that One Hundred Deluxe slots seemingly has with itself. It happily spits out an AWESOME for any win paying out 75 coins (so, landing three blue 7s at max bet) or more. Slightly excessive there, but a certain amount of awesomeness is indeed involved…

Interactive elements in One Hundred Deluxe slotsplay and enjoy one hundred deluxe slot game online

Of course, any slots app will seek to leverage the plusses of the WiFi-connected. In addition to the ubiquitous leaderboard, a most excellent feature in the One Hundred Deluxe Slots app is the free prize awarded every three hours of gameplay; this might be credits, points for the leaderboard and/or free spins – but it’s all stuff to enhance play.

What's the verdict on One Hundred Deluxe slots app?

One Hundred Deluxe slots is a decent enough play with some interesting features. The 100x bonus multiplier will certainly attract classic slot aficionados to this app, but the casual player might find it worth a spin or two. One Hundred Deluxe slots is available for free download to Android devices at Google Play, the App Store and other sites where quality downloads are found.