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Downtown Deluxe Vegas slot app for free online play

downtown deluxe vegas slot apps for mobile fun playIf you’re looking for an impressive full suite of classic-style online slot machines designed specifically for the iPad, iPhone or Android devices, you’ve come to the right place! Check out the catalogue of Downtown Deluxe Vegas slots offered by Rocket Games. Rocket Games are specifically programmed to play smoothly and look great on Apple devices, and the Downtown Deluxe Vegas slots app is no exception.

Playing the Downtown Deluxe Vegas slot machine games is as simple as doing so with any other Apple app. Downloading works the same, i.e. establish an internet connection and select the Rocket Gaming at iTunes or the App Store. Once the quick download process is complete, you’re ready to start enjoying some classic slots action. Thereafter, even if you’re offline, playing Downtown Deluxe Vegas slots (or any other online casino package from Rocket Gaming) can be done anywhere.

What is Downtown deluxe Vegas slot about?

The folks at Rocket Gaming promise the player entry into “a classic Las Vegas casino,” but playing slots apps on one’s personal mobile device may be even better. It’s kind of like a combination of time-traveling to the Golden Age of 1950s/60s Las Vegas, but with all the advantages of 21st-century technology – plus you can play these slot machines for free, an advantage we’re pretty sure no Sin City casino has ever offered.

And we can tell you that these games look fantastic in the smaller format of mobile devices. Rocket’s Downtown Deluxe classic slots have been specially designed for mobile operating systems, as opposed to most established online casinos whose go-to format is the laptop or PC. In this app, however, all graphics and sounds are adjusted for a proper gaming experience.

What slot games are avaialble in Downtown Deluxe Vegas?

Huge jackpots of tens or hundreds of thousands of coins – jackpot payouts depend on wager – are possible in Downtown Deluxe Vegas classic slots. A few dozen games are available in this Rocket Gaming offering, with nearly every title offering distinctly non-traditional bonus multiplier symbols. Slots with 3x, 4x, 10x and 15x bonus multiplier symbols are available to offer some crazy big potential jackpot winnings.

Other Downtown Deluxe Vegas slots are of the more standard variety, but these too pack payouts well above your average “bricks-and-mortar” one-armed bandit machine. Typical high-paying symbols like lucky 7s, diamonds and triple BARs are worth just a little bit more when landing on the paylines of Downtown Deluxe Vegas slots, giving yet another reason to enjoy these games wherever you go!

Can Downtown Deluxe slots work on Facebook and Twitter?

Of course, just because you *play* the games alone doesn’t mean you have to *be* alone in your enjoyment of such. Check out the Rocket Gaming Facebook page and Twitter feeds to get even more out of the Downtown Deluxe Vegas slots app. Chat with fellow enthusiasts on Facebook for tips, advice or just plain ol’ swapping stories and commiseration. The Rocket Gaming Twitter feed can keep you up-to-date on the latest Rocket releases, additions to the Downtown Deluxe slots catalogue and other news about slots and slot gaming.facebook and twitter play online for free on your mobile

So get to downloading and playing this sweet bunch of single-payline slot machines right on your favorite mobile device. Downloading the app may be done from the AppStore (with these games released for Android devices in June 2016), Google Play or iTunes. For additional support or assistance, “like” Rocket Gaming on Facebook or simply contact SlotsDeluxe for assistance.  Get good old-fashioned slot machines today with the Downtown Deluxe Vegas slots app! It’s classic gaming in thoroughly modern fashion.