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Deluxe Slot app game for on the go mobile play online

play deluxe slot app by rocket games on your mobile“Deluxe Slots” are a series of apps from Rocket Games promising luxurious, classic-era Las Vegas-style casino gaming – but delivering straight to your mobile device, creating a true iOS or Android casino. Better yet, all Deluxe Slots may be played for free! Slots aficionados can play for fun rather than in real-money gambling online anytime, anywhere.

Any Rocket Games Deluxe Slots casino app is available for download to Android or Apple mobile devices in the usual spots online: iTunes, Google Play, etc. Once the app is downloaded, you may begin playing slot machines of your choosing whether online or off. Depending on which of Rocket Games’ Deluxe Slots you download, you could be in line for some serious wins of millions of coins early and often!

How do I download Deluxe Slots casino game apps?

The word “Slots” within the expression “Deluxe Slots” as used by Rocket Games is a bit of a misnomer. Opening up the Rocket Games catalogue reveals about two dozen individual “slots” apps (as of this writing); though every app is labeled “slots,” e.g. “Golden Dragon Slots” or “Super Party Slots,” each individual app contains a maximum of six games and most have only two.

In typical tablet gaming fashion, earning points through play will unlock features such as higher betting caps, bigger jackpot payouts and even entirely different slots games. For example, the Casino Kitty Meow Slots app – damn straight, I downloaded the cute little kitty game first; you gota problem with that? – opens up a slot game called Fluffy Kittens.

In the Fluffy Kittens slot app, the player starts with 25,000 coins and zero points. Getting up to 100 points through a combination of winning and simply playing is the first “level up,” which allows for larger free-play betting. Should the player get the bankroll up to 100,000 coins, he/she can play the high-roller slot Big Cat Paws, which stars fierce, not-so-cute wildcats.

What slot games does Deluxe Slots app provide?

Lots of animal-themed slots run wild among Rocket Games’ Deluxe Slots apps: Check out Big Bear Bonanza, Jackpot Panther, Liberty Wild Eagle, Longhorn, Lucky Panda Titan, Lucky Wolf, Lunar Wolf, Super Gorilla, Super Safari, Super Tiger, Tiger King and the aforementioned Kitty Meow.

Traditional, speak-for-themselves titles within Deluxe Slots include Pharaoh Ramses, Bingo Gem Rush, Emperor's Way, Enchanted Tale, Gameshow Fortune, Golden Dragon, King’s Fortune, Pirates of the Dark Seas, Popeye, Riches of Greece, Super Double Diamond, Throne of Dragons (wonder what they’re riffing off of there…?) and the auto racing-themed Reckless Rivals.  Bodacious babes and sexy shenanigans go down in Cowgirl Ranch, the disco-themed Inferno, Paradise Vacation, Super Party and Vegas vixens slot game on deluxe slots app online

Finally, Rocket Games offers a number of classic slots apps, each composed of three to six slot games for free play:Casino Classic Slots, Jackpot Fortune, Jackpot Isle, Lucky Wheel Slots, Multi-Reel Jackpot Slots, Vegas Jackpot Casino Slots, Viva Video Slots and Viva Slots Deluxe are among them.

As for a Deluxe Slots app review, the toughest critics – namely, the players – have spoken favorably. At Google Play, this slots game app enjoys a whopping 4.8 average review in over 21,000 gradings; some 94% of reviewers have given a mark of 5-of-5 stars. Such enthusiasm doesn’t lie.