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7 Diamonds Deluxe slot machine game for Android devices

mobile slot app seven diamonds for on the go play7 Diamonds Deluxe is a 3-reel, classic, penny-style slot machine currently available for Android devices through the Google Play store and other download sites. It’s also fetchingly and eye-catchingly purple .The exquisite and sumptuousness of the 7 Diamonds Deluxe slot machine is obviously the first feature that captures the player’s eye, but the classic slots game lover will soon be indulging in lots of fruit machine-style play. The 7 Diamonds Deluxe slot machine is a 3-reel, single-payline game, a true throwback to the days when Las Vegas ruled the gambler’s imagination – and stuff like penny slots was commonplace.

Players should also note, though, that 7 Diamonds Deluxe slots brings a few amenities thanks to 21st-century technology that the world of Ol’ Blue Eyes, Sammy and Dean never saw. Including a leaderboard is always compelling, and hey, as a 100% portable, free-play slot machine, quite a few advantages of this slot app are readily apparent.

Payouts and gameplay in 7 Diamonds Deluxe slot app

Making up the symbol set of 7 Diamonds Deluxe are some representative standards from the old-fashioned one-armed bandits of yesteryear: Filling the reels are cherries; single, double and triple BARS; lucky red 7s; and naturally, the titular deluxe diamond symbol.

Does the Deluxe Diamond pay out? Hoo boy, does it ever. The “7” in “7 Diamonds Deluxe” represents bonuses: 7 Diamonds Deluxe rewards a nice 7x wager payout when just one lands on the payline, a fantastic 49x when two hit, and a crazy *6,000 coins* for lining up all three. Considering that the next-highest payout comes by hitting three red 7s (a win worth some 1,500 coins on max bet*), let’s just say you can see the potential excitement in landing Diamond Deluxe itself.

What was that asterisk following “max bet” about?

*As experienced slots players know, on a single-line slot machine you always want to play max bet; after all, it’s typically the only way to hit the top jackpot. Plus, come on: 7 Diamonds Deluxe is a free slot machine app. What have you got to lose? Feel the proper thrill of winning big. Bet max.

Any more bonus features in 7 Diamonds Deluxe?

Yes, 7 Diamonds Deluxe includes the swell automatic nudge feature, a bonus steadily returning to casion game genre, thanks in part to the new plethora of slot game apps now available.

In the 7 Diamonds Deluxe slots game, some BAR symbols have diamonds superimposed upon them. The downward-facing diamond nudges upward and vice versa. Single nudges are actually quite frequent, and double nudges aren’t exactly uncommon. Should the player be lucky enough to hit a triple nudge, well, not only is a payout guaranteed (three BARs of any sort always pay out on a proper 3-reel slot machine game), but he/she has witnessed a tantalizingly rare 7 diamonds deluxe app for mobile play

Is the 7 Diamonds Deluxe slots app worth playing?

All this and a happy graphic proclaiming BIG WIN triumphantly declared on payouts of triple-digit coinage or more is included in 7 Diamonds Deluxe slots. Whoever believes 3-reel slots can’t be dynamic like their video slot counterparts hasn’t yet spun the reels of the 7 Diamonds Deluxe app.

If you appreciate classic style in a slot game app, check out 7 Diamonds Deluxe.