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Slots Deluxe online casino games

We only see the surface of most websites dedicated to free online games, which often has lots of slot games and reviews which are among the most popular. They are often decorated with fancy and flashy graphics. Now aside from that, what makes online gaming fulfilling and appealing is the overall content that caters to the online gaming community as a whole. This is one of many factors listed why Slots Deluxe is online. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure that you get just as much thrill from free online games as you will from our insightful articles aiding you even further along. Have you ever asked yourself who are the faces behind the magic? These are the people who research and write reports about the most recent games, events and industry changes. Their responsibility is to provide you with innovative reviews and vibrant content. They hit the nail on the head when it comes to analyzing trends in the industry and have vast access to information about these issues too

It’s more than online slots- it’s a whole slew of online talent too!

Resident news correspondent- Mary Coulter-Smith

Her main responsibility is to ensure that online readers are in the know about what’s trending in the industry currently. She also informs you about the latest online gaming events as they come up. She researches the latest products and shares plenty of information with our readers. Armed with some mighty excellent writing skills, you’ll be sure that readers will get more from her stories than any others found online. Packed with plenty of academic credentials, a great sense of humor and compelling story telling skills- make her posts both captivating and entertaining. Needless to say, she is an ardent news reporter for the modern online gamer today.

Online Review Manager- Bill Zuniga

His main responsibility is to share ideas and give detailed information for the entire review section. He combines humor with common sense when it comes down to the tricks of the trade. In his richly informatic-driven articles, you’ll find detailed, accurate and honest first-person viewpoints. He is the one person within this team with a real reputation for brutal truth when it comes to free online games, slot game reviews, new app games. He doesn’t spice things up- he gives you straight forward plain truth.

Online Gaming Research/writer- Ashley Carter

Believe it or not- her education background (in science research) actually made her the best pick for this position. Her responsibilities include sharing complex information about the goings-on in the industry. She also breaks down hard facts about the latest gaming products from all over the world. People who love “techie” news, will find her quite engaging. Her articles are clearly comprehensive, educational and technological. Make a point of reading them and you’ll enjoy them regardless, even if you are not a “tech guru".

Selection Content Editor- George Hanson

His job isn’t so serious as you might think since there is always so much that goes into being an editor. As expected, he’s spent many hours researching the newest information about online gaming. And as this information is obtained from individual game manufacturers, this facilitates the reviews and related content that’s offered for our readers. After writing and sprucing-up our grammar to the highest degree, the articles are sent to the editor. After that we’ll publish them on our website for your enjoyment.

Let us know how we’re doing and if you have an idea for an article that isn’t here. We want to improve our site as often as possible, so let us know what you think.

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